Amazing Profit Monthly: Contest Drawing

This week, our team at Amazing Academy chose a winner for a fancy new smartphone based on a contest for our newsletter, Amazing Profit Monthly. Amazing Profit Monthly members, who registered for a new training, 4 Step Break-Out Plan, before the cut-off time on January 19th were entered to win.

This training is meant to help the subscribers create more efficient and effective business plans and create some momentum for their brands! The response to the training has been absolutely amazing!

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Amazon Introduces "Make an Offer": Matt and Jason Weigh In

Amazon recently launched a new option for buying and selling on the site called ?Make an Offer.? This feature adds to the buyer?s experience by allowing them to negotiate with the seller.  This experience adds yet another new layer to the online retail powerhouse.

make an offerHaving an option like this means that buyers are able to barter with a seller, keeping the experience at Antique Fairs alive in the virtual marketplace.  It will bring in some buyers that prefer negotiating with dealers on prices. I personally love going to my local flea market and experiencing that adrenaline rush as we agree on a price!

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