10 Tools Every Entrepreneur Should Be Using

10 Tools Every Entrepreneur Should Be (1)

Work smarter, not harder. As an entrepreneur, you’re likely juggling tasks 24/7, which either creates unnecessary stress or causes you to lose sight of your priorities. At Amazing.com, we’ve compiled a list of 10 tools every entrepreneur should be using:

1. WordPress


Creating and maintaining a web presence is vital in today’s marketplace. WordPress is a full content management system that is completely customizable.

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Brainstorming for Entrepreneurs: A Guide to Unlocking Your Creativity

Brainstorming For Entrepreneurs-

Great entrepreneurs are creative thinkers. For entrepreneurs, brainstorming is a part of their daily routine. So at a time when creativity is more in demand than ever, even non-creatives are going to have to practice being creative. Here are 7 brainstorming tips to get your creative juices flowing:

1. The answer is within your target market

Define your target market and find out their wants and needs . Figure out what expectations the current products aren’t meeting and strategize your product idea around your target market’s problems.

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How an Amazing Selling Machine Student Started a Business While Working Full Time

How an Amazing Selling Machine Student Started His Business While Working Full Time

Jan Flores, an Amazing Selling Machine student, shared that he was making $50K a month in his Amazon business – only 14 weeks after his product went live! This caught our attention. But what he posted next is really what stopped us in our tracks.

?My previous business was a construction business. I decided to go all in and sold my truck and tools and just tried this full time. The risk worked out. Now you don’t have to do the same, but that’s my story. If a construction worker can learn this Internet stuff, anyone can do it.?

We reached out to Jan for an interview and he graciously said yes. Here is his story about how he grew his Amazon business while working 12-hour days in the construction industry.

What was your background before ASM? How did you hear about us, and why did you decide to take the plunge and join?

Jan: I had a countertop company doing granite and marble. I’d been doing that for about four years.

My sister’s boyfriend took ASM 2.  I go to the gym with him quite often, so every week, he would tell me about what was happening with his business and I?d see it’s growing. By the end of year one, he grew to a million dollar company.  ASM 3 came around, but I didn’t take it. I didn’t think I would be interested in working on a computer because I’m a trade guy. By the time ASM 4 came around, I just decided, “You know what, he’s making so much money that it’s worth a shot.”

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8 Tips For Productively Working From Home

Tips for Working from Home

As an entrepreneur, especially when first starting out, it’s highly likely you’ll be working from home quite a bit. Although working from home is freeing and allows for a lot more flexibility, being productive at home is not as easy as it sounds. That’s why we put together this list of tips for people like you who work from home on a regular basis:

1. Set your hours

It’s easy to let yourself sleep in and “get off” early when you are your own boss, so strictly set your working hours and stick to them. Your hours should also be recorded in your voicemail so you don’t have to constantly be on-call.

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