to Pay $1,000,000 Per Month to Course Instructors in One Year (or Less)

In one year or less, our monthly payments to course instructors will exceed one million dollars.

Our month-over-month paid subscriber growth is currently over 50%, and we pay a large chunk of the revenue generated from subscription payments to instructors at the beginning of every month.

Based on our growth rate and future plans (see below), will be one of the most lucrative platforms for business experts to share their knowledge by sometime in the middle of 2017.

Last month, our top instructor’s share of monthly royalty pool was about 20%. At the future monthly royalty pool value of $1,000,000+, that equates to over $200,000 in earnings in a single month, for just the two courses he currently offers on

The second most successful instructor locked in roughly 10% of the royalty pool last month. In the future, this will mean more than $100,000 in monthly earnings for just one course she has on our platform.

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Use Video to Increase Sales for Your Products!

If you’ve spent any amount of time on social media sites, you’ve undoubtedly noticed that video is becoming a big part of content creation for businesses.

With all the current video options (live video, 6 second video, vanishing video, and more), it can be a challenge to navigate this content area as a business owner.  Along with all the different options, sometimes a fear of budget can block someone from considering this medium.  

Using video to promote your business doesn’t have to be daunting. Instead of passing up a great opportunity,  let’s look at the why, what, and how of creating videos for your products!

Why Consider Using Video for Your Products?

There are many reasons for using video to help sell your products. The most obvious to some would be to showcase what your product looks like and how it can be used.  Seems simple right?

To the contrary… creating a product video does so much more to your bottom line, such as:

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Paul & Rachelle: Lessons Learned on Our Amazon Journey to 25k

At, we work with thousands of entrepreneurs on a daily basis.  Paul & Rachelle, a husband and wife duo, are two of them.  They began their journey with and with Amazon in April of 2015.  By May of 2016, their business was generating over 25k per month in revenue on Amazon.  While their journey has been a successful one, it has by no means been an easy one – they’ve been short on money, have run out of inventory, and have had unsuccessful products.  Paul, a serial entrepreneur, and Rachelle, a stay-at-home mom, have worked hard to build a sustainable, long-term business for their family, and have learned a lot along the way.  Here’s their story, and some of their lessons-learned:

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Don't Miss Out on Amazon Prime Day 2016!

Amazon Prime Day is fast approaching! Originally, Amazon decided to have a deal day to celebrate its 20th birthday in July of last year. The event was incredibly successful, with Amazon claiming more revenue during Prime Day than it saw for 2014’s Black Friday. With the vast success seen, Prime Day has become an annual event, occurring on 12 July for 2016. Amazon is claiming to have over 100,000 items discounted for the day, and many sales are already available on their site leading up to Tuesday’s event.

With Prime Day being right around the corner, we’ve seen a few members claim it is too late to cash in on the Prime Day opportunities. Not true at all! While our number one recommendation is always to ensure you have enough inventory to withstand major sales, there are three simple changes you can make to your listing to take advantage of the extra traffic on Amazon. Many of our members’ biggest success stories from last year resulted in incredible sales increases of over 300% and they just tweaked a few things here or there – nothing major!

Each of these changes can be implemented even as late as Monday and still help you with Tuesday’s sales:

  1. Change Keywords
  2. Change Titles
  3. Additional Sale Offerings

Add “Prime Day” into your keywords or title so you are more easily searchable. We had a member last year increase his sales by over 370% by adding “Prime Day Sale” into his listing’s title and doing nothing else. We also had a member increase the percentage off his regular sales price on his listing (anywhere from an additional 10% to 60% off), letting people know they were getting a great deal by purchasing at that time. 

With this being Amazon’s second Prime Day, we have a better idea of what to expect than we did last year, however, don’t put it past Amazon to put together something new for Tuesday. Try one or two of these three changes and see if you can boost your sales too! We’d love to hear the results you achieve on Prime Day as well as the strategies you implemented. Email to share your story!

If you want some great tips on how to optimize your listing, check out Karyn Thomas’ course, Amazon Conversion Maximizer, or improve your ads with Advanced Product Marketing on Amazon, by Mike McClary.