WeChat Red Envelopes: A New Chinese New Year Tradition

WeChat Red Envelopes

One of the most exciting things during Chinese New Year is receiving red envelopes from your family member. Red envelopes, also called hongbao, are money wrapped in red packets given out as a custom during Chinese New Year. Because Chinese people believe the color red is a symbol for good luck, energy, and happiness, red envelopes are used. Kids usually receive these from older family members after wishing the family members health and good luck. In return, red envelopes of money are given out in hope to bring the receivers good luck and happiness.

WeChat launched the Red Envelope feature in January 2014, allowing users to send virtual envelopes of money to each other. After linking their bank accounts to the app, users can send specified amounts of money to their WeChat contacts through a personal message. Receivers then can transfer the funds back into their own bank accounts. 

Since WeChat launched the red envelope feature, traditional physical red envelopes are gradually being replaced by electronic red envelopes.

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The Story of Me and WeChat Campaign

WeChat and Me

The Story of Me and WeChat is a web page on the WeChat app that allows users to see an overview of their activities on WeChat within the previous year. Originally, The Story of Me and WeChat campaign was created for internal use during the company?s annual meetings, but because someone who attended this annual meeting happened to share it, the link ended up going viral and was shared with millions of Chinese WeChat users.

When this campaign was first released, a lot of Chinese users were hesitant because they thought it was a spam link. WeChat actually had to release an official statement to clear up this matter, reassuring that it wasn?t spam. The webpage was actually launched to help promote WeChat?s PRO Open Class Event in Guangzhou. Open Class Events are basically seminars held to educate the public about WeChat and its services. 

Let’s look at 4 reasons why this campaign became so popular:

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A Day in the Life of a WeChat User

A Day in the Life of a WeChat User

“There are 2 types of people in the world: people who use WeChat, and people who don’t use WeChat.”

This popular saying in China shows how important WeChat is to us. WeChat has truly become a phenomenon that pretty much no one can live without. It is every vital app you have in your mobile phone blended into one mega-app. Follow along as I narrate a typical day in the life of a WeChat user (such as myself) and find out why WeChat’s features make life so much easier.

12AM: Posting Products in WeChat Group

When it’s 12AM in Ireland, it’s already 8AM in China. Right now I’m posting Christmas items to my WeChat group. Many people in China check WeChat as soon as they wake up. Thanks to me, they’ll have something to look forward to in the morning! My loyal customers send me private messages to secure their orders while others compare prices on Taobao.

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