Increase Amazon Traffic and Sales with NEW SellerPro Membership Course

Increase Amazon traffic and conversions with our latest SellerPro Membership course. [LIMITED TIME OFFER – GET 50% OFF YOUR FIRST MONTH, RISK-FREE NOW] Watch as Jason Katzenback, co-founder and CEO of, shares an overview of how the Ziglers doubled their traffic and increased Amazon sales by more than 40% within three months. teamed up with Ziglers—Amazing Selling Machine members,  successful Amazon Sellers, and now SellerPro Membership course instructors—to offer a brand new course that gives you step-by-step instruction on how to increase your Amazon traffic.

In the new SellerPro Membership course—The Zigler Method: Increasing Traffic and Ranking on Amazon and Google Simultaneously— Travis and Jenna Zigler show you the exact steps to take to increase traffic to your Amazon listing. The steps of the course include creating hyper-targeted, keyword optimized content that links to your Amazon listing, publishing the content on your website, and driving traffic to the content using Google Adwords. Thanks to this method, the couple has doubled their web traffic and more than tripled their revenue.

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You’re trying to start an online business. So, we started by adding several brand-new courses, then went quite a bit further…

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Whether you’re looking to find the right products, or need something more along the lines of selling on Amazon for beginners, you’ll be far more successful with the right support. Now, you can ask questions directly on the lesson pages, and our instructors will answer them in the same place: 

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Course Recommendations and Customizable Playlists

With over 200 courses in the membership, it may not be easy to know where to start. That’s why we created the course recommendation survey.

Tell us your main area of focus, your time commitment, and your expected investment, and we’ll tell you which courses will get you to your goal.

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Getting to know your fellow entrepreneurs goes a long way to ensuring your own success—being part of a community of like-minded people allows you to find others who have made similar commitments to their own growth, and gives you the space to offer encouragement, support, and advice to each other.

Let people know who you are by filling out your profile, and displaying your badges. As you make progress through the membership, you earn badges for various tasks, from setting up your profile, to watching courses, to asking questions, and becoming involved in the community. The more involved you become, the more badges you earn!

We could go on, but you probably want to see all this for yourself.

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How to Increase Sales on the Amazon Marketplace

How do you increase sales on the Amazon Marketplace without paying ad spend? This article will teach you the free Amazon traffic strategy that will help maximize sales transactions and increase profit.

Matt Clark (of recently sat down with Stefan James (of Project Life Mastery) to present a $50,000 check to WE Charity, on Stefan’s behalf. Stefan was recently the top referrer to’s “Amazing Selling Machine” online course for how to grow a successful business with Amazon , and earned this gift for the charity of his choice (you can learn more about WE charity in the full interview, below).

During their rendezvous, Matt asked Stefan to share his knowledge about how a   seller looking to increase their sales on the Amazon marketplace can take specific steps to get buyers to their Amazon product listing, with zero ad spend. Sellers can make almost any product they are selling profitable, if they are getting their own traffic instead of losing profit by paying for ad spend.

But how?

You can do this by effectively utilizing your relevant social media platforms.

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Amazon Keyword Mastery (Crazy Helium 10 Coupon Code Included)

Keywords are a huge part of whether your ad campaigns, page rankings, and conversions are successful. If you get them wrong, you could be losing out on a ton of sales. Up until a few months ago, I thought I had been doing a pretty good job of understanding the best ways to rank for keywords.

However, I realized there was a much better system than the one I was using for effectively using my keywords. I have spent the last 5 months working on a full blueprint of how to find, target, and profit from the right keywords.

Back-in-the-day, I used to pick the highest value keywords, the obvious ones, and just heavily target them by running traffic at them, using two-step super URLs to try to get ranked, and other similar strategies. Now, because of the size of Amazon and because of the data available to us, you can get a lot more advanced than this and even more value from keywords once you figure out how to target them correctly.

This is so important to know because it is going to help you keep ahead of your competitors and keep an edge on them, as well as drive a lot more sales and profits.

In the full system in the video I cover:

  • The Amazon Keyword Mastery Model
  • Creating Your Mass Traffic Keyword List
  • Creating Your High Value Target Keyword List
  • Optimizing Listings for Relevancy and Conversion
  • Optimizing Your Amazon Ads for Maximum Traffic
  • How to Save 93% of the Time This Normally Takes

The Amazon Keyword Mastery Model

There are four basic steps to the Amazon Keyword Mastery Model:

  1. First, you start with a big list of keywords for a product you are already selling or you want to sell.
  2. Second, you have to start filtering these keywords and remove any money wasters.
  3. Third, you build your Mass Traffic Keyword List.
  4. Last, create your High Value Target Keyword List.

Creating your Mass Traffic Keyword List and High Value Target Keyword List

Creating your Mass Traffic Keyword List and High Value Target Keyword List are extremely time consuming and require a lot of manual work. If you want to learn exactly how to do those manually, follow along in the video; however, I have discovered that Helium 10’s tool packages do most of this work for you and you don’t really need to do these things manually.

If you are gathering your keywords manually, there are two questions you need to be asking yourself when thinking about this:

  1. Are you targeting enough keywords?
  2. Are you targeting the right keywords?

For each of your products I recommend creating a list of 1,000 – 3,000 keywords. This gives you a lot of options for targeting and testing as you go through this system. Additionally, you want each and every one of these keywords to have great profit potential for your business. You will want to find the balance between average number of searches (e.g. Google, Bing, etc.) and the number of product results that come up on Amazon. A higher search volume means that keyword has more people looking for it; however, a high Amazon result means higher competition. Find the balance between a decent number of Google searches, and low competition on Amazon.

There is a Helium 10 tool ( that does all of this for you and tracks rankings for each one of them and estimates the monthly number of searches. This can then be done in minutes rather than spending hours doing it manually.

Optimizing Your Amazon Listing and Ads For Optimum Traffic

Once you have these keyword lists (either from Helium 10 or manually), how do you effectively use them?

Your Mass Traffic Keyword List can be used in a bit of an unconventional way…

You are going to add the massive list of keywords we just created as negative keywords to your Sponsored Products Auto Campaign. We are doing this because all you want your auto-campaign doing is picking up NEW keywords, and your manual campaign is going to do the actual targeting for you.

From your Mass Traffic Keyword List, add every single keyword as an exact match inside of your Sponsored Products Manual Campaign. By doing it this way you know exactly which keywords are or are not working without having to run any reports.

After any manual ad campaign runs, you will use the Search Term Report and add your keywords as an exact match to the manual campaigns and also add them as negative to your auto-campaign. The goal, at the end of the day, is for your auto-campaign to run out of keywords it can possibly target and spend $0 because everything is happening in your manual sponsored products campaign.

You can also use this list is in your Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) advertising.

When you search on Amazon and you pull up an ad, there is direct relevancy in the copy in the AMS headline search campaign and your keywords. To do this, you are going to need to create themed keyword groups, which you can do on a Google sheet or Excel sheet. You want to create 10 – 20 themes. For example, if you are selling a balance board, one theme can be balance board, one can be wobble board, another can be exercise board.

The purpose of these themes is to help you be able to create ad copy that is relevant to the keywords. To do this, you will create one headline search ad for each theme and use targeting copy in the headline. This strategy is going to help you increase the click-through rate and help you get more traffic through AMS.

Your High Value Target Keyword List can be used more specifically for ranking and conversion. You want to place these keywords in your listing, helping you to index for those search terms on Amazon, but additionally if someone searches for those phrases and then sees them in your listing, you have a higher chance of converting them to a customer.

The order of priority you want to place these keywords within your listing is the following:

  1. Product Listing Title
  2. Back End Search Terms
  3. Product Listing Bullet Points
  4. Product Description

You have to prioritize how your keywords are placed in your listing and you start with your title. You should put your most important and most valuable keywords at the very beginning of your title, and then work down your priority placement list and high priority keyword list. This is going to help you with both conversions and traffic.

Helium 10: Software Tools that will Save You Time and Money

So now, how do we make this easier and less time consuming for you?

Helium 10 has a number of tools that basically does all of the manual work for you.

  • Scribbles – This tool pulls in your listing directly from Amazon and tells you which keywords, from your lists, have or haven’t been used yet.
  • Frankenstein – This tool can pull in your massive keyword list and remove duplicates, and it helps you prioritize your list to use in tools such as Scribbles.
  • Magnet – This tool helps you build your keyword lists by finding related keywords and refining the process so you are getting effective, relative terms.
  • Hijacker Alert Tool – This tool gives you text or email notifications when a potential hijacker or sniper is jumping in and out of your listing, helping you to be aware of the problem almost immediately.
  • Refund Genie – This tool can actually help you get money back from Amazon by figuring out if Amazon owes you any reimbursement for damaged products, or other similar issues.

Helium 10 in general is my new favorite Amazon tool because it does things that are either not possible for me to do myself, or saves me a ton of time. Refund Genie alone has returned thousands of dollars back to people that they didn’t even know they were owed.

Because of how much time and money this tool can save people, has negotiated a great deal to give you a discount on Helium 10. If you use the coupon code ASM at you can get $100 a month off of Helium 10’s top two plans.

If you want the full details about how to build these keyword lists, how to use them in this system, as well as exactly what Helium 10’s tools are capable of, watch the video below and don’t forget to check out for these discounts!