Angie's Amazon Journey To 200k Monthly Revenue


A member of Amazing Selling Machine, Angie Chacon began her journey with and Amazon in October 2014 (ASM 4).  She reached the 100k monthly revenue mark 1 year later (November 2015), and only months after that is on the verge of hitting the 250k mark on her Amazon business.  With no prior experience on Amazon, ecommerce, or marketing, Angie’s success is remarkable.  While her journey hasn’t always been an easy one (she got off to a rocky start), Angie has proven to us that she knows how to overcome any obstacle that heads her way.  Her story is an inspiring one for any entrepreneur. 

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Lynette Cano's Amazing Selling Machine Story

Lynette Cano's Amazing Selling Machine Story

Lynette Cano has an already successful (and cult-following fan base) pet product business after a very short period of time. She was kind enough to share her Amazing Selling Machine story with us, and even some of her secrets to success!

About my Amazon business

Sancho & Lola’s Closet is a Premium Pet Products brand sold online on Amazon and at select boutique pet shops, whose mission is to help abandoned Pointer and Pointer mixes find their forever homes. One day I will say our company helps ALL dogs. I will get there, but you have to start somewhere; I chose to start with Sancho and Lola?s Rescue here in Texas.

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