How to Start Selling on Amazon: Tips from a $750K Amazon Seller

Learn how to start selling on Amazon with these tips from Tiffany Estey and the Amazing Selling Machine (ASM). Tiffany tells her success story and provides tips on how you can structure your Amazon business, schedule, and success to meet your personal goals. She explains the process of getting started selling physical products on Amazon, how to build a brand, using pay-per-click marketing, focusing on your goals, and using the ASM techniques to brand and market yourself.

Proven Amazon Course: Amazing Selling Machine

Mike McClary interviews Tiffany Estey, who has gone from barely making ends meet to running a successful Amazon business after taking the proven amazon course—Amazing Selling Machine. In the video, Tiffany shares her story and explains how she got started in selling on Amazon. She explains that she was a pregnant single mother and was struggling to make ends meet. Her second child was due in January and Tiffany decided to make a change. She knew she wanted to be home with her children, but also needed to pay the bills. She got a laptop in November, took an ASM course, launched her first product, and made a sale within ten days. She now makes as much as $65k in a month.

Getting Started Through Amazing Selling Machine
Building a Brand
Personal Goals
Using Amazon Sponsored Ads
Marketing Yourself
Single Mom Builds $750K Amazon Business – and Something Else Even Cooler – Transcript
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Starting an Amazon Business

Starting an Amazon business made sense for Kristy Verity after learning about  the Amazing Selling Machine (ASM) training course.  She felt stuck in her corporate job and decided to make a change. Through the teachings of ASM, Verity started her own business selling physical products on Amazon. Over the past 4 years, she has since built her brand, launched multiple products, and sold millions of dollars in product internationally. Here she offers her tips on product cost, product selection, launching additional products under your brand, reviews, and marketing with Amazon sponsored ads.

Amazing Selling Machine Paved the Way
Amazon Seller Business Tips

Launching Products
Business Goals

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Sell an Amazon Business

Learn from Brendan Morris on how to sell an Amazon business. One way to be successful on Amazon is to create a successful business, sell it, start another business, and keep repeating the process. Brendan Morris, SellerCon attendee and Amazing Selling Machine member, shares his insight into this process and provides tips on how sellers can effectively build a successful Amazon business that people will want to buy. His tips include focusing entirely on cash flow, automating as much as the process as possible, strategically selecting smaller items to build up the brand, and doing a ton of research on keywords before starting out.

How to Sell Your Amazon Business
Increase Cash Flow Before Selling Your Amazon Business
Amazon Automation
Sell Smaller Products on Amazon
Amazon Product Research
SellerCon – Amazon Seller Conference

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Cash Flow Analysis for Amazon Sellers

There are specific formulas to use in order to complete a proper cash flow analysis for Amazon sellers. Businesses can free up operating cash flow using the techniques Charity DeVries shares in this finance strategy training video, including computing your inventory turnover ratio.  Sellers will learn terms such as operating cash flow, inventory turnover ratio, days-in-inventory, year-end inventory, and inventory in-transit. Charity also shares her tips for quickly turning over inventory and negotiating with suppliers.

Charity also shares the success she has had—gaining “invaluable connections”—from attending SellerCon. SellerCon is a conference for Amazon sellers that provides up to date, relevant ecommerce strategies to help sellers grow their businesses.

Operating Cash Flow
Inventory Turnover Ratio
Use Supplier Invoices to Find Inventory Turnover Rate
Tips for Quick Inventory Turnover
Supplier Negotiation Advice and Other Tips from Charity
Free Up Cashflow In Your Amazon Business Video Transcript
What is SellerCon?
SellerCon Invitation
SellerCon Review

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How to Start an Amazon Business

Angie Chacon learned how to start an Amazon business through the online training course Amazing Selling Machine. Jason Katzenback (Co-founder of interviews Angie as she describes her rags-to-riches story of going from a single mother, barely able to support her kids, to the owner of a large, successful business.

In this video, Angie shares her Amazon FBA success story, business mindset, mistakes she made launching her first product (and how she remedied it with restudying the ASM course), thoughts on the Amazing Selling Machine training, how she expanded her Amazon business, business tools she leverages, and how she utilizes Amazon FBA.

Amazon FBA Success Story
How to Choose a Product to Sell on Amazon
Amazing Selling Machine Review
“Single Mom Builds Amazon Empire” Video Transcript

Amazon FBA Success Story

A friend recommended the Amazing Selling Machine (ASM), she took the course, and in six months she was selling $60,000 a month. By the end of the year, she was up to 100k per month, and then 200k a few months later. After two more years, she was selling 500k per month. She now has 1 brand and sells 40 different products in 7 different countries with Amazon.

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