Q&A with Christie Nachtrab: The Best App for Retail Arbitrage?

retail arbitrage

Are you practicing retail arbitrage with Amazon? Retail arbitrage is the practice of buying low and selling high. In other words, you’re shopping for the best deals and selling these items at a profit. Tons of people are turning this practice into a full-time job!

If you’re already selling on Amazon, or if you’re looking to start retail arbitrage and needs the perfect tool to do so, the Amazon Seller Central app is indeed the best app for retail arbitrage. Check out its features below and read more to hear Christie Nachtrab’s, instructor of Retail Arbitrage Fast Track, thoughts on the app!

Amazon Seller Central retail arbitrage

retail arbitrage   retail arbitrage

“Fulfill orders, find new products to sell, manage offers and inventory, and respond to customer questions anywhere.”

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Retail Arbitrage: How I Got $178K+ in Sales With a $100 Investment

retail arbitrageretail arbitrage

Today’s guest post is by Christie Nachtrab, the instructor for Retail Arbitrage Fast Track course that is available in Amazing.com. She wanted to share with us her bit about her journey with Retail Arbitrage and selling on Amazon.

2009: We struggled.

In 2008 I became a mother for the first time. I then made the decision to be a stay at home mom because I wanted to be able to raise my children instead of paying someone else to do so. Shortly after, during the economic turmoils of 2009, my husband’s job was eliminated although thankfully he was able to stay within the company. He had a pay cut of about 25% and his hours were reduced. We struggled. We had late payment notices coming in as well as a foreclosure notice. We were able to get a hardship loan to defer interest for a period of time, but our new income simply did not cover the everyday bills. We made it work but lived paycheck to paycheck. I couponed, shopped wisely, and cut out the things that were not required.

We took the only $100 we had and started our Amazon business.

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[Infographic] The 6 Steps to Building Wealth with Retail Arbitrage

retail arbitrage

Retail arbitrage – the practice of purchasing high-demand products at a low price and selling them on Amazon at a higher price – is becoming more than just a hobby. It’s become a business. Online sales are projected to grow by at least 10% per year in the U.S. and as Amazon being the biggest online retailer in the world, more and more sellers are turning toward Amazon as their platform of choice to sell their products.

Are you curious yet? No worries. We’re making retail arbitrage even more simple with this 6-steps infographic showing you how the process works:

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