Boosting Your Bottom Line with a Blog

Can a blog boost your business bottom line? And what on Earth does that have to do with a snowmobile?

To answer the first question, YES! Most businesses can benefit tremendously from a blog, even if you aren’t the most computer savvy person when you start out. Blogs are more dynamic and engaging than static websites, encouraging more sharing and attracting more visitors.

Blogs also do great with search engines like Google, since they get updated frequently, something Google loves. If you like the sound of more bang for your buck, then blogging will reward your cyber investment better over time than a static web page or social media sites.

When I meet new people, I often think about how a blog could complement their business. They’re not always the kind of businesses you’d assume would be a good fit for a blog, like a photographer or author. But almost any business can benefit from one.
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6 Steps to Getting Your Book to Readers Around the World

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At lunch the other day, a friend told me she was almost finished writing her book. She hopes to sign with a traditional publisher, but in case that drags on for months (or years), she also wanted to know how to self-publish. Her main concerns were that it would be expensive, difficult, and time-consuming. My reply was just the opposite; self-publishing can be done on any budget, and really isn’t difficult. It can also be done quickly once you have a finished book. And if her book does sell well, she’ll earn a lot more money self-publishing. That made her smile.

Conversations like that happen frequently, since I know many writers, and also teach self-publishing. I shared with her the same basics I tell others who want the skinny on this business. While there are plenty of ways to go about it, the fundamentals are fairly similar for everyone.
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