How To Set Up Selling On Amazon Seller Central Europe Platforms Profitably

Europe: The Next Step in Expanding an Amazon FBA Business

Understand what selling in the European marketplace entails and if it is the right next step to help grow your Amazon business. If it is the right next step for you, learn how to set up selling on Amazon Seller Central Europe Platforms Profitably.


  • Intro to How to Sell On Amazon’s European Platform
  • How To Sell On Amazon’s European Platform: What will sellers learn in the workshop?
  • 13 Stats that Support Selling in Amazon’s Europe Marketplaces
  • Expanding an Amazon FBA Business into Europe: How it works
  • Single Sign-On with Linked Accounts
  • Build International Listings (BIL)
  • Deciding Which International Program Fits a Sellers Needs
  • Understanding Value Added Tax (VAT)
  • Growing Your Amazon Business Internationally

Selling On Amazon Seller Central Europe is not easy, unless you have a proven system for getting top rankings, understanding and navigating through the paperwork pitfalls, and a clear understanding of the differences between Europe and

Intro to How to Sell On Amazon’s European Platform

In this video, sellers will learn how a 3hour workshop recording will teach them everything needed to successfully expand into Amazon’s European marketplace.

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Day 11 – Grow Your Amazon Business Internationally

Hey, it’s Jason here.

You already know how huge Amazon is right now. And you probably know that Amazon is growing each and every day, in terms of sales, customers, market share, etc.

But did you know that Amazon is also rapidly growing outside the US? In countries like Germany, France, Spain, Italy, UK, etc.?

You see, most sellers are starting their businesses in the US. They think that the market is bigger, that people have more money to spend, that it’s generally easier, etc.

However… The truth is that the European market is also huge (almost 500 million people). European consumers are able and willing to spend money online. And there are no obstacles to selling on European markets.

And here’s the sweet part…

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From Our CFO: 5 Steps to Going Global

Going Global

Starting a business in one country is a challenge and a journey in itself – so imagine doing it in another. However, many entrepreneurs aim to expand globally because there are significant benefits. A recent McKinsey study shows that while global U.S. companies only account for less than 1 percent of all U.S. companies, they earned 25 percent of total U.S. gross profits. Going global allows your company to grow to its utmost potential and reach target markets that are untapped.

Our founders, Matt Clark and Jason Katzenback, chose Austin, TX as the location to set up our HQ. Within the past year, we’ve established an office in Dublin, Ireland with an ongoing expansion into China.

Are you thinking about taking this next step? Coming up with a global strategy and thinking global from the beginning of the process are vital steps in successfully starting – and developing – your company abroad. Our CFO, Steven Siegel, says these are the 5 steps you must take as a part of your expansion process:

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The Story of Me and WeChat Campaign

WeChat and Me

The Story of Me and WeChat is a web page on the WeChat app that allows users to see an overview of their activities on WeChat within the previous year. Originally, The Story of Me and WeChat campaign was created for internal use during the company?s annual meetings, but because someone who attended this annual meeting happened to share it, the link ended up going viral and was shared with millions of Chinese WeChat users.

When this campaign was first released, a lot of Chinese users were hesitant because they thought it was a spam link. WeChat actually had to release an official statement to clear up this matter, reassuring that it wasn?t spam. The webpage was actually launched to help promote WeChat?s PRO Open Class Event in Guangzhou. Open Class Events are basically seminars held to educate the public about WeChat and its services. 

Let’s look at 4 reasons why this campaign became so popular:

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8 Things You Need to Know When Doing Business in China

business in China

China is no longer just the world?s factory. It has become one of the world?s largest population of buyers. Whether you want to buy from China or sell to Chinese customers, you will find a lot of cultural differences between the way business is conducted there and Western countries.

Here are eight things you must know when doing business in China:

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