10 Mistakes First-Time Entrepreneurs Make (and How to Avoid Them)

10 MistakesFirst-Time Entrepreneurs Make

I have been a first-time entrepreneur and I’ve known and mentored many. In my experience and theirs, I’ve come across so many mistakes that are made that can often times lead to failure. I want you to learn from my mistakes so you can avoid them and achieve success even FASTER.

1. Negative mindset.

People often just don’t believe in themselves for whatever reason. They think, “It’s not possible for me, there’s something missing, I don’t have the abilities, I don’t have the friends, I don’t have the brains, I don’t have the tools.” There always seems to be an excuse. Thinking this way is self-destructive. What ends up happening once they start believing those things is they become their reality. It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy.

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Alexandra: How I Got Over $6000 in Funding with Kickstarter


Crowdfunding is the hottest new way to fund your startup. One of our very own students  launched a Kickstarter campaign and reached her goal! She shared her story with us: the successes, the challenges, and everything in between.

Alexandra, an Amazing Selling Machine member who joined in April 2014, has two private label products live on Amazon. She decided to test the Kickstarter waters to fund and launch her third and newest product. Before the 2015 Live Event, Alexandra hadn?t even heard of Kickstarter. At the Live Event, she watched a presentation by John Galley on using Kickstarter to fund and launch a product, and she knew she had to try it.

There is risk involved with Kickstarter: it?s all or nothing, depending on whether or not you hit your funding goal.  The end of Alexandra?s 34-day campaign is only days away and she has already surpassed her goal!  Here are some of the lessons that Alexandra learned from researching and running her Kickstarter campaign: Continue reading “Alexandra: How I Got Over $6000 in Funding with Kickstarter”

Brainstorming for Entrepreneurs: A Guide to Unlocking Your Creativity

Brainstorming For Entrepreneurs-

Great entrepreneurs are creative thinkers. For entrepreneurs, brainstorming is a part of their daily routine. So at a time when creativity is more in demand than ever, even non-creatives are going to have to practice being creative. Here are 7 brainstorming tips to get your creative juices flowing:

1. The answer is within your target market

Define your target market and find out their wants and needs . Figure out what expectations the current products aren’t meeting and strategize your product idea around your target market’s problems.

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8 Tips For Productively Working From Home

Tips for Working from Home

As an entrepreneur, especially when first starting out, it’s highly likely you’ll be working from home quite a bit. Although working from home is freeing and allows for a lot more flexibility, being productive at home is not as easy as it sounds. That’s why we put together this list of tips for people like you who work from home on a regular basis:

1. Set your hours

It’s easy to let yourself sleep in and “get off” early when you are your own boss, so strictly set your working hours and stick to them. Your hours should also be recorded in your voicemail so you don’t have to constantly be on-call.

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