72% Open Rate: Our 163 Best-Performing Email Subject Lines

Here’s the formula for producing sales with email:

List size * open rate * click through rate * conversion rate * average order value

One of the easiest ways to dramatically increase the sales you make through email is by increasing your open rate.

Most people settle for a measly 10-20% open rate. In this post, you’ll discover proven email subject lines that have produced open rates as high as 72% (that’s 3-7X what most people get).

Open Rate Factor #1: The List

Are you guaranteed to get open rates as high as 72% just by copying one of the subject lines below? Absolutely not.

It’s hard to compare the open rate of one email versus another, even when sending to the same list.

A new list is almost always going to perform better (higher open rates). A list of customers versus prospects is almost always going to produce a higher open rate as well.

Also, how well you manage your relationship with your list and how good you are about removing unsubscribes and bad emails is going to affect your open rate too.

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How to Close Clients on Upwork

Are you ready to close your client?

Most freelancers totally drop the ball when it comes to actually “getting” the job they apply for. They expect the client to drive the conversation forward, so they act very passive.

Huge mistake!

If you want to close clients, on your rates and terms, you need to have a sales plan laid out. You aren’t going to ask the client what the terms should be—you are going to tell them how things will go.

In this post, I will teach you the exact process for closing clients, getting the job, and ensuring the job goes smoothly.

Best of all, your clients will love you for doing it.
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Marketing Is Not the Answer

Marketing is Not the Answer

“Amazon keeps changing my product titles. How am I supposed to produce more sales on Amazon if they keep doing that?”

Me: “What do your reviews look like?”

“Well, I have a lot of 1-star reviews. I have these really cool images showing how strong my product is. But, customers keep leaving one star reviews saying that the product is breaking in half when they use it.”
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Unleashing the Power of Content

I am not what Gary Vaynerchuk would call a ‘Pure-Bred Entrepreneur,’ because I spent many years working for other people before I answered my calling and started my own business. I followed a traditional linear route—high school, university, and then landed a series of good jobs working in advertising and direct marketing agencies. I worked for well-known agencies including TBWA and Publicis on clients that included Hewlett Packard, and Coca-Cola. Even though I did not recognise it at the time, my career choices were dictated by ‘what I was supposed to do’ or what society and family expected of me rather than what I truly wanted to do. I am sure that many of you can relate to this scenario. From an early age I had loved writing but wasn’t doing enough of it in my career. The word entrepreneur wasn’t used then as much as it today.
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Q&A with Christie Nachtrab: The Best App for Retail Arbitrage?

retail arbitrage

Are you practicing retail arbitrage with Amazon? Retail arbitrage is the practice of buying low and selling high. In other words, you’re shopping for the best deals and selling these items at a profit. Tons of people are turning this practice into a full-time job!

If you’re already selling on Amazon, or if you’re looking to start retail arbitrage and needs the perfect tool to do so, the Amazon Seller Central app is indeed the best app for retail arbitrage. Check out its features below and read more to hear Christie Nachtrab’s, instructor of Retail Arbitrage Fast Track, thoughts on the app!

Amazon Seller Central retail arbitrage

retail arbitrage   retail arbitrage

“Fulfill orders, find new products to sell, manage offers and inventory, and respond to customer questions anywhere.”

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