Don't Miss Out on Amazon Prime Day 2016!

Amazon Prime Day is fast approaching! Originally, Amazon decided to have a deal day to celebrate its 20th birthday in July of last year. The event was incredibly successful, with Amazon claiming more revenue during Prime Day than it saw for 2014’s Black Friday. With the vast success seen, Prime Day has become an annual event, occurring on 12 July for 2016. Amazon is claiming to have over 100,000 items discounted for the day, and many sales are already available on their site leading up to Tuesday’s event.

With Prime Day being right around the corner, we’ve seen a few members claim it is too late to cash in on the Prime Day opportunities. Not true at all! While our number one recommendation is always to ensure you have enough inventory to withstand major sales, there are three simple changes you can make to your listing to take advantage of the extra traffic on Amazon. Many of our members’ biggest success stories from last year resulted in incredible sales increases of over 300% and they just tweaked a few things here or there – nothing major!

Each of these changes can be implemented even as late as Monday and still help you with Tuesday’s sales:

  1. Change Keywords
  2. Change Titles
  3. Additional Sale Offerings

Add “Prime Day” into your keywords or title so you are more easily searchable. We had a member last year increase his sales by over 370% by adding “Prime Day Sale” into his listing’s title and doing nothing else. We also had a member increase the percentage off his regular sales price on his listing (anywhere from an additional 10% to 60% off), letting people know they were getting a great deal by purchasing at that time. 

With this being Amazon’s second Prime Day, we have a better idea of what to expect than we did last year, however, don’t put it past Amazon to put together something new for Tuesday. Try one or two of these three changes and see if you can boost your sales too! We’d love to hear the results you achieve on Prime Day as well as the strategies you implemented. Email to share your story!

If you want some great tips on how to optimize your listing, check out Karyn Thomas’ course, Amazon Conversion Maximizer, or improve your ads with Advanced Product Marketing on Amazon, by Mike McClary.

Marketing Is Not the Answer

Marketing is Not the Answer

“Amazon keeps changing my product titles. How am I supposed to produce more sales on Amazon if they keep doing that?”

Me: “What do your reviews look like?”

“Well, I have a lot of 1-star reviews. I have these really cool images showing how strong my product is. But, customers keep leaving one star reviews saying that the product is breaking in half when they use it.”
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Retail Arbitrage: How I Got $178K+ in Sales With a $100 Investment

retail arbitrageretail arbitrage

Today’s guest post is by Christie Nachtrab, the instructor for Retail Arbitrage Fast Track course that is available in She wanted to share with us her bit about her journey with Retail Arbitrage and selling on Amazon.

2009: We struggled.

In 2008 I became a mother for the first time. I then made the decision to be a stay at home mom because I wanted to be able to raise my children instead of paying someone else to do so. Shortly after, during the economic turmoils of 2009, my husband’s job was eliminated although thankfully he was able to stay within the company. He had a pay cut of about 25% and his hours were reduced. We struggled. We had late payment notices coming in as well as a foreclosure notice. We were able to get a hardship loan to defer interest for a period of time, but our new income simply did not cover the everyday bills. We made it work but lived paycheck to paycheck. I couponed, shopped wisely, and cut out the things that were not required.

We took the only $100 we had and started our Amazon business.

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