Amazing Selling Machine Student Reviews How to Get the Lowest Product Prices and Access to New Products Before Your Competition [Join Us in China!]

Amazing Selling Machine student, Athena Severi, reveals how to undercut your competition by working face-to-face with your suppliers. She goes on to explain how you can join her on the exclusive China Magic trip to gain mentorship and access to the world’s largest product sourcing fair.

Watch as Jason Katzenback, CEO and Co-Founder of, interviews Athena Severi. Here she shares expert tips and proven techniques for building face-to-face relationships with your supplier. Her tips can help you get the lowest product prices your supplier can offer and gain access to brand new products before they hit Amazon.

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Amazon Product Packaging and Product Inserts

Product packaging and inserts help Amazon sellers create a great customer experience, leading to brand loyalty. Jason Katzenback and Rich Henderson review products selling on Amazon and share opportunities to create better packaging and branding to increase sales. They share insider tips on using packaging designs that increase perceived value, using inserts to build customer email lists, and including ways for customers to reach a seller directly (to quickly and directly address customers’ concerns and potentially avoid negative reviews).

Packaging to Create Brand Loyalty
What is ASM?

Amazon Inserts to Create Repeat Customers
Product Showcase: Packaging and Branding Review
What do these 5 products have in common? – Full Product Review Transcript

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Amazon Listing Optimization

Sellers can compete with big brands through Amazon listing optimization. Mike McClary and Jason Katzenback joined forces to teach sellers how to optimize their Amazon product listing in order to beat the big brands selling on Amazon. They reveal their insider tips for creating the best titles, images, bullet points, and descriptions, as they review real product selling on Amazon.

Amazing Selling Machine (ASM) Product Selection Formula
Secrets to Listing Optimization

    Amazon Product Title
    Quality, Informative Product Images
    Bullet Points
    Amazon Product Description
    Optimizing Amazon Review Section
Amazon Listing Optimization Examples
How do you take a product selling MILLIONS on Amazon and make it sell even MORE? – Full Product Listing Optimization Transcript

Due to the high demand on Amazon, sellers do not have to be number one (or even two!) to crush it in sales. People do not just pick the top product and rely on keyword search terms to find products. Big brands do not focus on optimizing their listing because they have their name to rely on. However, new sellers can beat those brands if they optimize their listings to provide better keywords, descriptions, and product images. Continue reading “Amazon Listing Optimization”

How to Start an Amazon Business in the U.S. and Europe

Biswa Malla, an IT consultant with no selling experience, joined Amazing Selling Machine and was able to quit his job just two months after starting to sell on Amazon (all while living in Europe). Biswa shares his insight on how to start an Amazon business in the U.S and Europe, customizing products with manufacturers, and marketing products on Amazon.

International Amazon Seller Success Story
Amazing Selling Machine 9 Doors Close
Customizing Products with Manufacturers
Capital Needed to Start Selling on Amazon
Selling in U.K. and European Amazon Marketplaces
Challenges and Support Systems
Marketing a Product on Amazon

How to Crush It on Amazon in the U.S. AND Europe Simultaneously from Europe! – Video Interview

International Amazon Seller Success Story

Biswa Malla was an IT consultant for 10 years and did not have any selling skills when he first started selling on Amazon, after joining ASM5. Just two months after starting, Biswa quit his full-time job and started living solely off his Amazon income. He found that he was making enough income to sustain his family and the more products he launched, the better off his family became. During his interview with Mike McClary and Rich Henderson, Biswa shares that everyone is always in a rush, but now that he owns his own business he doesn’t have to rush, and he can do his own thing at his own time. Continue reading “How to Start an Amazon Business in the U.S. and Europe”

How to Sell on Amazon Revealed

Ben DeVries revealed how to sell on Amazon during this live interview. In only two years, he started and grew his brand into a multi-million-dollar Amazon business. Just last week, he was able to quit his full-time day job to just work on his Amazon business. Here, Ben shares his insider tips for creating a million-dollar Amazon business using the Amazing Selling Machine, finding likeminded people for support, and competing against the big brands on Amazon.

Amazing Selling Machine 9 (ASM9)
Starting an Amazon Business Using Amazing Selling Machine (ASM)
Working with Your Wife
Surround Yourself with Other Sellers and Likeminded People
Next Steps for New Sellers
Investing in New Ventures to Diversify Income
Selling an Amazon Business for Millions
Amazing Selling Machine Review
Competing with Big Brands on Amazon
Employee to Million Dollar Business Owner Video Transcript

Ben DeVries went from an employee to a full-time entrepreneur in just two years. During his interview with Jason Katzenback, he explained that he felt a huge weight lifted off his shoulders when he finally quit his job last week. After watching Amazing Selling Machine (ASM) free training videos, he realized he could start an Amazon business with very little capital up front. The free training videos led him to Amazing Selling Machine, where he enrolled as a member and gained access to a step-by-step guide and course teaching him how to start and grow his own Amazon business. Continue reading “How to Sell on Amazon Revealed”