Using Facebook Messenger Bots to Convert Fans to Customers

Amazing SellerPro Course: The Simple Facebook Messenger Review System

In a new Amazing SellerPro training course, The Simple Facebook Messenger Review System, you’ll learn how to design a Facebook Messenger bot to convert your Facebook audience into customers.

Instructed by Amazing Selling Machine alums—Dr. Travis and Jenna Zigler—this course takes you, step-by-step, through the process of establishing an effective Facebook Messenger bot to gain feedback on your product, creating a simple Facebook Ad to lead people to your bot, and turning your subscribers into repeat customers.

Amazing SellerPro Instructors: Drs. Travis and Jenna Zigler

Amazing Selling Machine alumni, Drs. Travis and Jenna Zigler, are the founders of Eye Love. Their organization aims to end preventable blindness by using proceeds to fund free and low-cost clinics in the USA and Jamaica. In addition, they started an adjacent charity called the Eye Love Cares Foundation which provides eye exams, glasses, and sunglasses to those in need.

Who Is This Facebook Messenger Bot Course For?

Sellers can benefit from this course if they are in the process of building a Facebook audience, or have an audience that doesn’t convert. This course will help improve brand awareness, messaging, and increase responsiveness through demonstrating the benefits of a Facebook Messenger bot and targeted advertising.
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Hire a Virtual Assistant to Grow Your Amazon Business FAST

Learn to outsource your day-to-day tasks so you can focus on growing your business: In a new Amazing SellerPro training course, “Hire Your First Virtual Assistant to Grow Your Amazon Business FAST”, Paul and Rachelle Baron reveal how Amazon sellers can find the best virtual assistants for their business, create training for their virtual assistants, and monitor their virtual assistant’s work to ensure business success.

Why hire a Virtual Assistant?

Paul and Rachelle Baron reveal how sellers can use virtual assistants to grow their business quickly. They explain that virtual assistants simplify the growth process, allowing sellers to outsource day-to-day tasks. Sharing day-to-day work with an assistant allows sellers to focus on the tasks that increase profits.

The Course

This SellerPro course teaches sellers how to find and hire the best virtual assistants for their business, create training for their virtual assistant, allowing assistants to perform tasks exactly the way they want them done, and simply and effectively monitor their virtual assistant to ensure that the work they do drives business results.

The course comes complete with 4 modules and 11 lessons, totaling 52 minutes. Paul and Rachelle define the role of a virtual assistant, explain the importance of creating company policies and procedures regarding virtual assistant’s payment and training, reveal how to create a job listing and sort through applicants, and share how to monitor a virtual assistant’s work and use that work to increase profits. Continue reading “Hire a Virtual Assistant to Grow Your Amazon Business FAST”

How to Turn Unsuccessful Amazon Products into Winners

Learn to turn your unsuccessful Amazon products into winners. In a live interview with Ben and Charity DeVries, Amazon sellers learn how to identify whether or not their unsuccessful product is actually viable. The DeVries share that by answering a few questions about a product’s previous visibility and conversion rate, the viability of the product can be decided.

Has your product been visible since its launch? Does your product have a good conversion rate? 

If so, your product may be dud. If not, watch as the DeVries share how you can increase visibility and conversions to help a viable product meets its full potential.

Turn Product Duds into Winners

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Who are the DeVries?

Charity and Ben DeVries are physical product business owners, consultants, and course instructors for the SellerPro Membership by Amazing. The DeVries joined Amazing Selling Machine 6 and gained the tools they needed to get their physical product business off the ground. 3 years later, with the financial freedom they had found through ASM, Ben was able to quit his day job and the DeVries were able to buy an RV to travel the US with their kids—working from wherever they go. 

SellerPro Membership by Amazing – Special Discount

SellerPro Membership courses are taught by current sellers who have proven Amazon success, just like the DeVries. Many instructors have developed strategies using techniques that work well. They create courses to help fellow Amazon sellers on their path to success.  For a limited time, you can get your first month half off. Learn more about our special SellerPro Membership promo of 50% off now!  Continue reading “How to Turn Unsuccessful Amazon Products into Winners”

Amazing Selling Machine Partners

Reviews may be by partners who sell Amazing Selling Machine.

These member’s results may not be typical. ASM members joining between 2013-2016 who completed the program and launched a new brand had median annual revenue of $60,750.00 and median annual profit of $6,896.00. 

Amazing Selling Machine Review From Stefan James of Project Life Mastery

The Amazing Selling Machine is a comprehensive course that is purely focused on getting results for people. I’ve gotten great results from the program, as has my girlfriend, brother and others that I have recommended this course to.” -Stefan James, Founder of 

ASM Delivers for Physical Product Pros

“In 2014, Physical Product Pros Co-Founder Nate McHenry tossed all of his savings into a course called Amazing Selling Machine. As a high school teacher, this was a risk that could propel a dream of time and location freedom or drain resources that were hard to build up. The course delivered exactly what he hoped for and more. 4 years later, Nate, along with Physical Product Pro business partners Ben & Charity Devries and Paul & Rachelle Baron have helped hundreds of other people experience the joys of financial, time and location freedom through the Amazing Selling Machine. There is no other online training course that better equips and delivers students with a real business selling on Amazon. We’ve had the privilege of coaching hundreds of students and sharing in their powerful success stories.” -Physical Product Pros 

Jeff Lenney Shares His Thoughts on ASM

“People ask me almost daily what I think about Amazing Selling Machine, and it’s honestly hard to answer because there is so many different positive things to say about it.  The training is amazing, the coaching is amazing, I love the over the shoulder feel.

This is one program I never have a problem promoting, because customers get results, period.”  -Jeff Lenney