Use with Care: The Most Powerful Tool to Increase Sales for Any Product

Use with Care

When you’re asking someone to buy something from you, you’re asking more than you think.

You’re saying, “Hey, look at this fantastic thing I have, just give me some money, and you’ll love what you get.”

Maybe your product is fantastic. Maybe it delivers everything you promise and more.

Then why is the buyer the only one taking on any risk?

They give you money and you’re secure. But they’re not. They’ve got a product that hopefully does what it’s supposed to do.

It’s a lopsided transaction – and that’s why a lot of people don’t buy.

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In one year or less, our monthly payments to course instructors will exceed one million dollars.

Our month-over-month paid subscriber growth is currently over 50%, and we pay a large chunk of the revenue generated from subscription payments to instructors at the beginning of every month.

Based on our growth rate and future plans (see below), will be one of the most lucrative platforms for business experts to share their knowledge by sometime in the middle of 2017.

Last month, our top instructor’s share of monthly royalty pool was about 20%. At the future monthly royalty pool value of $1,000,000+, that equates to over $200,000 in earnings in a single month, for just the two courses he currently offers on

The second most successful instructor locked in roughly 10% of the royalty pool last month. In the future, this will mean more than $100,000 in monthly earnings for just one course she has on our platform.

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Marketing Is Not the Answer

Marketing is Not the Answer

“Amazon keeps changing my product titles. How am I supposed to produce more sales on Amazon if they keep doing that?”

Me: “What do your reviews look like?”

“Well, I have a lot of 1-star reviews. I have these really cool images showing how strong my product is. But, customers keep leaving one star reviews saying that the product is breaking in half when they use it.”
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Learning from the Past and Looking to the Future

You may have heard that we recently let some employees go at While this is true, there are some facts and details that I feel it’s important to share.

We let 32 of our 62 employees go recently. It was not easy. In fact, it was the hardest thing I have ever had to do in business. I hated it.

The strategic necessity became clear when we shifted from offering big ticket courses to our new eLearning platform, offering a broad range of courses for a flat monthly fee. Our business model changed, so the business had to change with it.

I have shared the details below, to help those involved and those affected to understand the situation. I can say with absolute certainty and clarity that the company is now in a great position.

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3 Agile Tricks to Organize Your Business

organize your business

Lots of tech companies use the agile project management framework to promote collaboration, self-management, and high-quality products.

A few months ago, employees from attended an ?Agile & Scrum Foundations? workshop, hosted by Doc List at Agile Velocity in Austin, TX.

Although our company already shared several of the values and principles Doc presented, we discovered some valuable tools designed to help a business succeed in the midst of uncertainty and change.

organize your business

After just two months of using these tools at, we?ve noticed a remarkable improvement in how we work. So, of course, we want to share these ideas with you!

Here are 3 agile tricks you can start using today:

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