Scale Your Business in 2019 with Amazon Advertising [DON’T MISS THIS – DOORS CLOSE TONIGHT]

Learn insider strategies to potentially double your business using Amazon advertising: has teamed up with Amazon advertising expert, Cherie Yvette, to launch an 8-week Amazing Showdown Bootcamp. The training course will reveal the exact strategies, tools, and processes that Cherie uses for her 7, 8 and 9 figure Amazon clients. Sellers will learn the answers to the most common problems Amazon sellers face, such as competitors out ranking products, cutting advertising expenses, and reaching high volume sales. The Amazing Showdown Bootcamp reveals strategies and insider tips for competitive and keyword research, establishing market share and campaign strategies, search term mining, developing plans for campaign structure and search campaigns, campaign placement and new product launch, scaling and restructuring campaigns, understanding the advertising dashboard, and optimizing process and high ACOS.

In addition to the 8-week training, Cherie will provide a special bonus training, “7-Steps to Doubling You Amazon Sales…Fast.” This is the exact formula Cherie recently used to double her clients’ sales on Cyber Monday, year over year.


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Use This Amazon Ads Formula To Potentially Double Your Business [EXCLUSIVE WEBINAR WITH BONUSES]

Join Jason Katzenback (Amazing CEO and Co-Founder) and Cherie Yvette (Amazon Ads Expert) for an EXCLUSIVE webinar on Wednesday, Dec. 5, 2018 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM CST. You will learn Cherie Yvette’s PROVEN 3-Step Amazon Ads Formula AND get a head start on Amazon’s NEW feature before your competition knows about it! [Be live on the webinar to get 2 FREE BONUSES.]

Double Your Sales in First Half of 2019… FREE TRAINING

Learn THE MOST Powerful 3-Step Amazon Ads Formula For Doubling Your Business In The First Half of 2019 – 100% Amazon Compliant. FREE Training From Leading Amazon Ads Expert Cherie Yvette!Register Now >>> are YOU going to do in 2019 to build, grow and scale your Amazon business?What is THE ONE THING that can change the trajectory of your business?Amazon keeps growing and growing and growing. New sellers are setting up their Amazon stores daily, and e-commerce is at an all-time high.How do you increase market share in an overcrowded market?How do you beat your competitors to the punch, even if they’ve been selling twice as long as you have?We’ll answer all those questions AND GIVE YOU A STRATEGY TO PROFIT.Join top Amazon advertising expert, Cherie Yvette, and I on an EXCLUSIVE webinar where we will teach you THE Most Powerful Ad Formula that I’ve seen in a very long time.It’s THE ONE THING I recommend you focus on in 2019 if you would like to double your business in the next six months while staying compliant with Amazon TOS.Plus, get a head start on the NEWEST Amazon feature before everyone else knows about it. (Be on the webinar where Cherie will announce it LIVE)This is a HUGE opportunity for sellers to profit fast on Amazon.*LIVE WEBINAR ONLY: SPECIAL Bonus for LIVE Attendees ONLY ($250 Value).YOU MUST BE HERE LIVE. We are removing this special bonus from the replay. (If you miss the live webinar, you won’t see this.)*REGISTER NOW – LIMITED SPOTS*>>> now to grab your spot. Spots limited with GoToWebinar. Show up 15 min early.“It has been a great pleasure working with Cherie. She is smart, knowledgeable, personable, responsible, and most importantly, she gets results! Cherie came up with a diversified strategy for our product that lowered our PPC cost and increased sales dramatically. Her Sponsored Products campaigns are generating $125,000 per month in sales at 25% ACoS. If you have an opportunity to work with Cherie, do it – I’m so glad we did!” ~ Margarita Poluyko

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Amazon Strategies for Increased Sales this Holiday Season

Amazing’s Jason Katzenback (CEO and Co-Founder) and Kristin Dickson (Learning Strategist) were live on Facebook to review the successes of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. There were reportedly $7.9 billion dollars in online sales and Amazon broke previous sales records!

The Amazing duo goes on to offer valuable Amazon seller tips, including the importance of creating off-Amazon content, focusing on your brand, and optimizing your Amazon product listing. Katzenback also reveals lower pricing techniques that create sales velocity (providing long-term benefits) as well and the importance of leveraging Amazon promotions (like lightening deals) and learning  how to effectively run Sponsored Ads.

Don't Worry, There's Still Time!

We’re breaking down just how big Black Friday and Cyber Monday are for Amazon sellers and how to take advantage of some free training that gives you step-by-step instruction on how to increase your Amazon traffic. FREE TRAINING >>

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Increase Amazon Traffic and Sales with NEW SellerPro Membership Course

Increase Amazon traffic and conversions with our latest SellerPro Membership course. [LIMITED TIME OFFER – GET 50% OFF YOUR FIRST MONTH, RISK-FREE NOW] Watch as Jason Katzenback, co-founder and CEO of, shares an overview of how the Ziglers doubled their traffic and increased Amazon sales by more than 40% within three months. teamed up with Ziglers—Amazing Selling Machine members,  successful Amazon Sellers, and now SellerPro Membership course instructors—to offer a brand new course that gives you step-by-step instruction on how to increase your Amazon traffic.

In the new SellerPro Membership course—The Zigler Method: Increasing Traffic and Ranking on Amazon and Google Simultaneously— Travis and Jenna Zigler show you the exact steps to take to increase traffic to your Amazon listing. The steps of the course include creating hyper-targeted, keyword optimized content that links to your Amazon listing, publishing the content on your website, and driving traffic to the content using Google Adwords. Thanks to this method, the couple has doubled their web traffic and more than tripled their revenue.

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How to Turn Unsuccessful Amazon Products into Winners

Learn to turn your unsuccessful Amazon products into winners. In a live interview with Ben and Charity DeVries, Amazon sellers learn how to identify whether or not their unsuccessful product is actually viable. The DeVries share that by answering a few questions about a product’s previous visibility and conversion rate, the viability of the product can be decided.

Has your product been visible since its launch? Does your product have a good conversion rate? 

If so, your product may be dud. If not, watch as the DeVries share how you can increase visibility and conversions to help a viable product meets its full potential.

Turn Product Duds into Winners

*Ever had a product on Amazon that just wasn’t selling as well as you had hoped? Tune in to this exclusive interview to learn how to turn duds into winners.*(FREE GIFT🎁) Enter the comment ‘Download’ in the comment section below to get instant access to the bonus Product Viability checklist by expert Amazon Sellers Ben and Charity DeVries!👉 If you have experienced or are currently experiencing a product dud … you know how frustrating it can be. Luckily, it may only be a tweak or two away from becoming a winner! These improvements are included and outlined in the download!Once you enter the comment, we will send you the download message via Facebook Messenger.Learn more about our special SellerPro promo of 50% off right here 👉

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DON’T MISS OUR BONUS OFFER! Write “download” in the comment section on Facebook to get instant access to the bonus Product Viability checklist by our expert Amazon sellers, Ben and Charity DeVries! (YOUR FREE GIFT!) 

Who are the DeVries?

Charity and Ben DeVries are physical product business owners, consultants, and course instructors for the SellerPro Membership by Amazing. The DeVries joined Amazing Selling Machine 6 and gained the tools they needed to get their physical product business off the ground. 3 years later, with the financial freedom they had found through ASM, Ben was able to quit his day job and the DeVries were able to buy an RV to travel the US with their kids—working from wherever they go. 

SellerPro Membership by Amazing – Special Discount

SellerPro Membership courses are taught by current sellers who have proven Amazon success, just like the DeVries. Many instructors have developed strategies using techniques that work well. They create courses to help fellow Amazon sellers on their path to success.  For a limited time, you can get your first month half off. Learn more about our special SellerPro Membership promo of 50% off now!  Continue reading “How to Turn Unsuccessful Amazon Products into Winners”