How to Grow Your Amazon Business

Learn tips on how to grow your Amazon business in this new Amazon seller training video and article, where Mike McClary and guest host (Brandon Slater), talk about brand expansion. Here, you will gain tips on how to expand a brand, when to launch another product, the different ways to run an Amazon business (to expand quickly or expand more slowly), and the risks involved with growing a business.

Brandon has built up multiple brands selling on Amazon. Here, he shares his story of starting his own physical product business on Amazon– his methods, his struggles, his successes, scaling the brand into a business with multiple products and $1.8 million a year in sales, and then selling his first Amazon business.

Amazon Brand Expansion
Tips for Scaling your Brand
Different Speeds for Expansion

$0 to $1,800,000 on Amazon: Brand Expansion – Video transcript

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How to Launch a Product on Amazon

Learn how to launch a product on Amazon with’s Rapid Ranking System. Sellers can utilize this technique to launch their product and potentially get their product listing to (or near) the top of Amazon to  generate sales.

This Rapid Ranking System teaches sellers how they can launch and quickly sell their product by optimizing their product listing, getting reviews, utilizing Amazon Sponsored Products Ads, creating Amazon digital coupons, setting up an advertising campaign with family and friends, as well as on Facebook, and creating offers via a Facebook Business page.

Amazon Launch Strategy
Rapid Ranking System Steps Outlined
Pre-launch Steps
How to Market your Product on Amazon
“Top Amazon Ranking Launch System” Full Video Transcript

Amazon Launch Strategy

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Amazon Product Listing Optimization

Sellers can optimize Amazon product listings by following specific guidelines when creating their product page. A product’s title, images, introduction, description, bullet points, questions and answers, reviews, and tags are all things that can be optimized to potentially increase Amazon sales.

Amazon Listing Optimization
Amazon Product Title
Product Images
Product Introduction
Amazon Product Description 
Q & A and Reviews Sections
Amazon Search Terms Optimization
“How to Optimize an Amazon Listing” Complete Video Transcript

Amazon Listing Optimization

Matt Clark was live at’s headquarters to introduce Jason Katzenback and Mike McClary in a video where they teach sellers how to optimize their Amazon product listing.  An optimized Amazon listing can create a buyer friendly experience and can help increase a seller’s Amazon product ranking. This subsequently enables customers to decide to buy more quickly, and helps more buyers find the product page.

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Good Products to Sell on Amazon

Learn how to find good products to sell on Amazon: Matt Clark (chairman and cofounder of and Rich Henderson (chief mentor and co-creator of ASM) got together on Facebook Live to demonstrate six products already selling on Amazon. These products are items they believe are good opportunities for people to private label and sell on Amazon. They deemed these products “hot opportunities” because they meet specific product criteria for price, weight, number of reviews, best sellers rank, and ability to be privately labeled.

Amazon Product Research: Choosing the Right Product to Sell on Amazon
Amazon Products Reviewed in this Video
Private Labeling Products and Creating your Own Brand
Amazon Best Sellers Rank
Projected Profit Percentage – How Much is Profit?
“$146,921 Per Month – Hot Amazon Opportunity Breakdown” Video Transcription

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