How to Get Reviews on Amazon

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Get positive, VERIFIED Amazon reviews: Paul Baron started selling on Amazon 3 years ago, established a million-dollar business, and perfected a strategy to help his Amazon business generate customer reviews on autopilot. Watch this video as Paul shares his insider strategy for gaining reviews on autopilot and learn how you can get more reviews, add 1,000 subscribers in a week, and increase likes on your Facebook fan page.

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Reviews on Autopilot Workshop: Paul will host a Reviews on Autopilot Workshop via webinar, teaching sellers how to create and implement their own Reviews on Autopilot Funnel. Sellers will learn how to drive product reviews on autopilot, get full access to Paul’s flows, funnels, videos, and templates, and receive bonus training on how to earn 1,000 subscribers in one week.

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Mike McClary interviews Paul Baron, an Amazon seller veteran, who has worked with his business partners to perfect a strategy to drive reviews for products on Amazon. Mike learned of Paul’s new strategy one evening after Paul had presented at SellerCon in Orlando, Florida. During SellerCon, Paul shared his expertise with other Amazon sellers, teaching them how to increase product visibility and sales on Amazon. For the first time, Paul is offering sellers the opportunity to learn his latest strategy, the Reviews on Autopilot Funnel.

The Challenge: Drive Product Reviews

Over the past year, as Amazon has made updates to its platform and processes, it has become more difficult for sellers to engage their customers and drive product reviews on Amazon. Paul’s Reviews on Autopilot Funnel provides a solution to that problem.

The Solution: Reviews on Autopilot Funnel

With the Reviews on Autopilot Funnel, Paul uses a hook tied into a Facebook dark post ad, a messaging bot, and landing pages to engage customers, increase reviews, and increase subscribers to his emails and chat bots.

  • Hook: This is something within the Facebook advertisement that entices customers to interact with the ad.
  • Facebook Dark Post Ad: This is a post that only past customers can see, not everyone on Facebook
  • Messaging/Chat Bots: Chat bots allow sellers to automate their messages on Facebook messenger. If a customer had a positive experience with the product, the bot encourages the customer to provide a review. If the customer had a negative experience, the bot finds out why, which assists sellers in fixing problems with the product or helps them turn a one star review into a five star review.
  • Landing Pages: Landing pages tied into the Facebook ad help sellers to collect email addresses and grow their lists.

The Result: Raving Fans

Implementing this strategy has turned Paul’s past purchasers into raving fans. Paul shows that in just two weeks, sellers can add over 100 customer reviews. A side benefit of the funnel has been an increase in likes on Facebook fan pages.

>>>>>>Learn to Get Positive, Verified Reviews on Autopilot, Now!>>>>>>


Reviews on Autopilot Promo Video Transcript: 

Mike McClary:              Hey everyone, Mike McClary with amazing dot com, here with a good friend of mine, and successful Amazon seller, Paul Baron. I have him on today because I’m really excited to share with you this awesome new strategy that Paul and his business partner’s have been working on, and using for about half a year now, to just drive reviews like crazy for the products on Amazon. When he first shared this with me, I couldn’t believe it, until they showed me their stats. But it’s legit. It’s authentic. You’re going to love it. Now, I met Paul in Austin a couple of years back. We were at a live event in the middle of the summer, I think it was really hot down in Austin, Texas. And we were there for one of the amazing live events. And then Paul actually started being really successful with his business on Amazon, and helping people and sharing. And so we convinced him to speak at our most recent live event, in Orlando, Florida. So he was up there on stage, teaching several methods for people how to increase their products visibility, and get more sales on Amazon.

Mike McClary:              Now that’s all awesome, really cool. But the real game changer for me was when we were hanging out in Florida at a beach house that we had rented, to have a big party for about a dozen or so successful Amazon sellers. So we were there just having a great time. Having dinner, a few drinks, playing pool, listening to music. And as you could imagine, when entrepreneurs and other sellers are all hanging out, you cannot keep from talking about work. It just comes up in the conversation because, we all love this business so much. And so we all started talking about how great things were going, and then we naturally started talking about anything we’re still struggling with. And the one thing that was a consensus, well almost a consensus, was how hard it was to get reviews on Amazon. Right now.

Mike McClary:              Not that it’s impossible. But Amazon’s definitely made it harder. And legitimately authentically, they should have. Like, it was just crazy how some people could go out there and gain the system all the time. Amazon started cleaning up their methods, and making sure that really, the whole review system was as legitimate as it could be. Now the side effect, made it so that things like, customers couldn’t even get your emails anymore, in order to … You ask them for a review. Or it’s really hard for customers to see you commenting on the reviews they do leave you. So it’s really difficult to engage the customers to get reviews anymore. And it’s much harder. And we’re all facing that struggle. Except when we were talking about these struggles, at the dinner, I looked over and we saw Paul and his business partners Nate. And then, kind of giving each other these smirky little glances, like I don’t know what these guys are talking about.

Mike McClary:              We’re not having the same issue. And so the conversation came up. And we’re like, Paul, guys, like aren’t you guys facing the same issue with reviews? Or what’s going on with you? And that’s when Paul shared with us that no, we’re not. Like we’re getting reviews like crazy, on autopilot. Every single day. So a little time later, and a few drinks later, we actually Paul and his friends to open up and share a little more with this awesome strategy. And I’ll let Paul kind of tell you. Give the high level. Paul, welcome. Thanks for the interview. If you don’t mind, share with people a little bit about you, you know, about your history selling on Amazon. And then also tell us what this review strategy is.

Paul Baron:                   Yeah, hey. Thanks Mike. Thanks so much for having me on. So a little bit about me. My wife and I have been selling on Amazon since July of 2015. And we love it. We’ve been just kind of slowly growing. The first six months we did about 50,000 in sales, and the next year we did about a quarter million. And then the year after that about a half million. You know, just on up and up and up from there. The thing that I’m really excited about is, like you had mentioned, this chat that we had in Florida. We were almost a little bit hesitant to talk about this, just because it was working so well. But after talking with you guys and then thinking about the community.

Paul Baron:                   If we didn’t have people giving us strategies like this when we were first getting started, we wouldn’t be where we are today. And so I felt like we had to share this with people. And so, in brief, we call this a review on autopilot funnel. And what it is essentially. It’s a funnel that we developed. We use a hook, tied into a Facebook dark post ad. Which is connected to a messaging bot. And then I follow this up with some landing pages. It’s designed to reengage past. We follow up with them for reviews on past purchases. And then increase those future sales. So this hook is something that is designed to entice your past customers to interact with your ad. We go over this in depth in the training that we do.

Mike McClary:              And so a dark post Paul, like people may not know about that. That’s a post that you create but not everyone can see on their page, is that right?

Paul Baron:                   Exactly. So it’s a Facebook ad lingo.

Mike McClary:              Yeah.

Paul Baron:                   But essentially what it is, is we’re only showing this post to specific people that have purchased the product that we’re wanting to reengage with. So if let’s say you sell silicone spatulas. The favorite product of [inaudible 00:04:56]. And only wanted your silicon spatula people to see this ad, but not your silicone oven mitts. You set up an ad, that only the silicone spatula group would see. And then you could also have another ad, that only the silicon oven mitt’s people see.

Mike McClary:              Right. So then you reengage with these customers using Facebook. And their platform is pretty darn powerful, as you know. And you target these people. And then you engage them with these chat bots right? And that’s how you really start the conversation going?

Paul Baron:                   Yeah so, chat bots are relatively new and if you are unfamiliar with them that’s totally fine because they’ve really been open to the general public for about a year-and-a-half or two years. And so we reengage with them through chat bots, which is a method of automating, using Facebook Messenger to communicate with your customers. So we’re connecting with our past customers, that have already purchased from us. We add them as a subscriber to that chat bot, and potentially an email subscriber if you do a landing page type thing. So the goal of this particular funnel, is to, just find out what their experience was with our product. If they had a positive experience obviously we want them to leave a review. If they had a negative experience or neutral experience, then we work to find out why. And make the product better, or turn that one star to a five-star.

Mike McClary:              That’s what I love about this too, because you know, people are a little concerned about, you know, any changes to Amazon’s TOS. You guys just aren’t cherry picking these people. You’re hitting all your customers. And you’re taking these happy customers, and making them even happier. And the ones that may have had a bad experience, you’re just giving them awesome customer service to figure out what happened, what went wrong, and what you can do better.

Paul Baron:                   Exactly. And the things that we’ve seen out of this is we’re turning past purchasers into rating fans. It’s pretty incredible.

Mike McClary:              That is cool. So people can visually see this, do you have anything you can show us. Like kind of show what the flow might look like?

Paul Baron:                   Yeah, I do. Let me go ahead, and hop over to my second screen here, and I’ll show that. All right, so here I am. This is our reviews on autopilot template. And this is a temple that we built, that we share with people,  you know, that are in this particular training. And as you can see, it seems a little bit complicated, and it is. But the great thing about this is, not only do we teach you how this works, but we give this to you. We give you all the copy that we do. So basically you just put in your copy, you change out your name, your products, everything. And just plug it into your system. And this works with any chat bot. Right now this is open in ManyChat, but as you can see, I have a window here open for Message Hero. This can work with anything. So what we’re doing is we’re giving people options. They choose which option and then it takes them down and funnels them into several different branches, depending on their replies. And these little things here, they’re adding tags, so that we can then follow up with them later. These things they have typing like so it shows a delay, like we’re typing to them. This is all designed to feel very natural.

Mike McClary:              That is awesome. Now I got to admit. Like to me this looks pretty complicated, but I think I heard you say that you don’t just show people how to do this, you’re actually giving them that template so they can copy and paste it right into their own account, right?

Paul Baron:                   Correct. So whether they use ManyChat, Message Hero, whatever chat bot system they use, we’re going to give them as a download, the PDF with all the copy, as well as the entire tree. Everything. So every step along the way.

Mike McClary:              That is awesome. So the end result now, what we all want, is to get more reviews. So do you have any like before and after images you can share with us, on like what that resulted in force?

Paul Baron:                   Yeah, and these are absolutely huge, so bear with me here. I’m going to share my screen again. All right. So as you can see, this one was taken on June fourth, and this particular product had 953 customer reviews, and then twp weeks later, June 18 over 1000. So it went from 953 to, yeah, [crosstalk 00:09:32].

Mike McClary:              Well over a hundred additional reviews.

Paul Baron:                   Yeah it’s huge. And that’s in just a two week span. Another different product, 1237 June fourth, and then 1377 June 18th. So thank you to Ben, because he’s very on top of tracking his … These are his products on Amazon. Real reviews. And as you can see, the average stars … Five stars on this one. Four and a half on this one. So not only are you getting massive review growth, but obviously all of these customers have had a positive experience with this product. And they’re leaving those reviews on Amazon.

Mike McClary:              Now that is awesome. And so … If that looks great to you, I know it looks great to me, what we’re going to be doing is we’ve convinced these guy, that after they shared the strategy with us, to actually put on a workshop for everyone in order for you to learn exactly how they’re doing this, and driving reviews on autopilot, and to get their templates that they also have, to plug and play into your system with their training, so you can do the exact same thing. So if you sign up below, you’ll get full access to their training. And in addition to getting their flows, there funnels, to getting their videos of how they do this, and showing you how to set it up, we’ve also convinced them to throw in another crazy bonus for you as well. So Paul, I’ll let you kind of share the details in this bonus that you guys have been willing to give up as well.

Paul Baron:                   So this is kind of a two-part video. The first part is the walking people through, how to set up a chat bot. How to integrate into Facebook. How to set it up with Facebook Business Manager. The whole shebang there. So that’s really powerful in and of itself. The second part of this, is how to get your first thousand plus subscribers in a week. And so when I say that it, it sounds a little bit crazy, that people could get at a thousand subscribers. But again we’re basing this off of proof, of things that we have done and taught people to do. That we know that this is possible.

Mike McClary:              So yeah, why don’t you … Show me the graph you were showing me earlier on your subscriber growth.

Paul Baron:                   Yeah I’ll do that here. So like I said, this isn’t just, you know, theoretical. This is something that we’ve actually done. So here is one snapshot, you know, on Message Hero actually, this another chat bot that I use. So you can see the 26th of November. Kind of a little bit slight growth. Not a ton. Up to here, I think this was about 78 customers or something. At the end of this week, this is the 12th, we had just about 1500 subscribers. All in just a week or less. Which was insane. If I had access to Ben and Nates ManyChat dashboards, I could show you the same curves … They have several of these over time. When we implement these strategies. And that’s what we’re teaching people in the second part of this training.

Mike McClary:              That’s awesome. And then what was the side benefit that you were talking about earlier as well, with your Facebook fan page?

Paul Baron:                   Yeah so, the side benefit of this, not only are we gaining massive amounts of subscribers to our chat bot, but we are also getting a huge amount of likes on our Facebook page. So I’m going to show you that as well. Here I am inside my business manager here, for Facebook. You can see, basically this mirrors you know the Message Hero here after about the fourth, fifth, sixth. Something like that. Kind of standard growth. We had about 6300 in November. Up to about 6394 December 5th. So not a ton of growth over time. But here’s that big whomp, massive amount, you know,  1500 subscribers. In about a week. You know, all the different likes that we’re getting over time. I mean it’s just huge. So this is massive because not only are you generating subscribers to a bot, that you can follow up with. But you’re generating Facebook fans on your page, that will then increase the value of your company. And you can then re market to in the future. It’s huge.

Mike McClary:              All right, so that’s awesome Paul. And I want to make sure that everyone watching this has a chance to see the workshop that you and Ben and Nate put together, because the training is just fantastic. It shows you how to get reviews on autopilot, just like it’s titled. They get the free bonus training of how to get their subscribers, and increase their Facebook likes all within a week. That’s just amazing. The only way to get that … And you guys are the only people that are doing this. Like you may hear of other people talking about messenger bots out there. You guys are the only ones  that are teaching this and doing it with proof. And you’re using within your own business. So if you want access to the exact same training that these guys are using, sign up for the webinar below and you’ll get that training and you’ll see the … Definitely see the results in your business as well. Now we can’t guarantee how long we’ll be making this training available, so the sooner you sign up, the sooner you’ll know that you’ll get your spot in on it. So definitely sign up now and we’ll see you on the webinar. So thanks Paul for being on here. I hope to see as many people as possible in the training coming up.